Former 500cc Grand Prix Rider Launches 2015 Dates.

Former 500cc Grand Prix Rider Launches 2015 Tour Dates.

Daryl Beattie Adventures has just announced all of its 2015 tour dates.

We are offering four Simpson Desert Crossing tours, 15 days of Desert to the WA Coast (which includes the famous Canning Stock Route – one of the best motorcycle rides you will ever do) and we will complete the year with two tours in Cape York.

Honda has been an integral part of DB Adventures with many customers commenting on the performance and reliability of the Honda CRF450X, having clocked over 10,000kms in 2014. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Honda in 2015.

The Michelin Desert Race was the tyre of choice throughout the deserts of Australia in 2014. We can proudly say that we had no tyre issues, punctures or any other problems when riding in the harsh outback environment.

I not only love the ‘no puncture policy’ but the low profile knobs have minimum impact on the environment that we ride in.

DB Adventures boasts great tucker, hot showers every night and a bunker under the stars. And yes, I go on them all.

With the return of RPM on Network Ten next year, riders who book the first two Simpson Desert tours may have an opportunity to be part of a story that will air on the show.

To book your DB Adventures tour in 2015 head to

Happy Riding

Daryl Beattie Adventures

Daryl Beattie Adventures

Sand and more sand on the CSR

Sand and more sand on the CSR

Sand and more sand on the CSR

Sand and more sand on the CSR



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