Cape York

Unimog Cape York

Railway Hotel heading to Kowanyama


Daz / Scooter

Daz / Scooter / Heato

Tour 1 arriving Birdsville

Trekking the Simpson from Birdsville

Scooter and Mog in the Simpson

All started here in 1970

Dingo Simpson

Scooter The King

Dalhousie Springs

Boy’s enjoying Lone Gum

Camp Simpson

Enjoying the day’s stories

Flats Simpson

Simpson Tour 2 Tony

Simpson Tour 2 Dave / Daz

Daz Simpson

Daz / Dave Tour 2

Desert country

Heato getting ready to sleep on the other side

Tour 2 Simpson Tony

Ron Jon Tour 2 Simpson

Mog Simpson returning East

Ron Jon Simpson

Rennie Scaysbrook rode 38 Tour 2

Best beds

Rennie shooting hid CRF 450 X

Dave tour 2 Simpson loving his CRF 450X

John Simpson Tour 2 rode from Townsville

Dave Tour 2 Simpson

Tony Tour 2 Simpson

Heato Tour 1/2 Simpson

Adrian Mr MX UK Tour 2 Simpson

Gary Simpson Tour 2 rode from Townsville

End of Tour 2 Simpson on Big Red

Honda CRF 450 X in bed.

Rennie Camp Tour 2 minus the Dingo

Scooter with his Jackie Howe

Sun going down Simpson

Bike two with great memories

Adrian tour 2 refuelling Simpson

Remote and beautiful Simpson Desert

Mog loving the Desert

Ron Jon and Rennie Freewheeling mag

lunch Simpson desert


Simpson overnight rain great sand

Go Pro Poeppel corner

Poeppel corner

Boy’s signing in at Poeppel

Heato Go Pro


Boy’s hoping for more rain in the Desert

Morning after storms Simpson

Birdsville Pub

Tour 1 2014

Tour 1 crew found a lonely man

Tour 1 had great dunes at start of season

Tour 1

Big Red

Tour 1 Leaving Big Red for Alice Springs

Tour 1 2014

Tour 1 leaving QLD

Tour 1 Dalhousie Springs

Tour 1 Dalhousie Springs and Mount Dare not far away.

Tour 1 had a few that had raced in this event.. Great memories boy’s

Unimog Simpson Desert

Rennie Scaysbrook Simpson Desert 2014


Camp CSR



MR Williams Wiluna


Cable Beach Broome WA

WA Boab

Well CSR



Rocket CSR

CSR Views


End Canning

Gary the goat WA

CSR 2014

Unimog tackling another CSR dune

Dave built UAV Rippit Hobby Store

Warming up lunch

Sat phone touching base with the crew

Scattered around the outback

Wiluna Traders

Pierre Springs CSR

Rocket finds an OEM Dakar screen

Another great view CSR

Cold nights at the start in the Gibson Desert

Wiluna Traders

Don’t think this was Hump Day!

Dave Schiller caught me…

Turning for Carnegie Station

Giles weather station

Red and more red goes with the outback

Well CSR

CSR restored well

Like these big babies 4

Best customer so far Dave Schiller

Great crew great scenery CSR

Sand and more sand on the CSR


Clean in Uluru

Weatern Australia NT border

Great Sandy Desert



Old Gunbarrell lunch stop

Often you see this with trailers in this area

Same trailer

More camels

Carnegie station

800k oil changes

Rocket giving advice in the kitchen

Few days of rain between Carnegie and Wiluna

Dingo pup

Love these windmills

Well CSR

Dave and Rhys lone time

Greg CSR

Dave CSR

Rhys CSR

Durba Springs

Sam the fire man

Bit of airing out

Rain into Carnegie

Red Dunes CSR

CRF450X loving the desert

Boys relaxing

Discussing the Sony and if we should use it

Great shot Rhys

Refuelling the team

Having a laugh whilst refuelling

Bike 11 Rhys

Rhys loving the outback drums

Michelin Desert Race tyre

Little Sandy Desert

Thinking of more great trips in Australia’s north

Lunch stop




Brad / Rocket

Dave / Daz


Not Daz

Talking to the truck

Dave Schiller 34

Greg Hood

Sam the fire man

Dave smooth as ever.



Daz slight tuck

DB Adventure Drone Rippit Australia


Well 51 CSR

Well 51

Rhys took a lot of these pics with Dave


Bit of rain

Rhys thinking about dinner

Slightly wet morning

Savory Creek just stunning

Boys on there trucks talking about scrapping his knee on the bitumen

Dutchman cycling from Darwin to Perth via Canning Stock Route