Simpson Desert Tour 2

Alice Springs to Birdsville

What a change a few days make. The group was greeted with cooler temperatures as we headed down the Finke track for our first might in Mount Dare.

We were fortunate to be there when the meeting for Friends of the Simpson Desert was being held. It was great to meet this group of people who were meeting to discuss the future of the Simpson Desert.

We were lucky enough to have two riders who met us in Alice Springs for the tour. They had already ridden from Townsville on XR650s.

The weather was consistently cooler which made the swim at Dalhousie Springs that much better. As we continued east, riding proved challenging as the dunes proved much steeper.

The Simpson Desert provides some of the best dirt bike riding around but you must never underestimate the sand and its challenges.


Dalhousie Springs

Dalhousie Springs


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