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    Our adventures are designed for guests to experience some of the most remote and spectacular areas of Australia. Ex-500cc MotoGP Champ, Daryl Beattie is the lead bike rider. We will have a mixture of Industry personnel and ex or current dirt bike riders as the sweep along with the Iveco driver “Scooter”. Both lead and sweep riders are certified in First Aid and are competent in motorcycle repairs. Riding guides carry satellite phones/personal EPIRB.

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    What is an Adventure Tour?

    We aim to get you off bitumen roads, out of your comfort zone and onto some of the most remote and secluded locations in Australia. We provide you with a Honda Africa Twin on Africa Twin Tours and CRF450X on the Cape York and Simpson Desert Tours, capable of harsh off road riding. Weather also plays a major role in our tours which means that we employ flexibility and have various contingency plans in place to ensure we maximise our adventure time. Each day will end sitting around a fire, listening to the peace and quiet that is exclusive to the Australian Outback.

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    What sort of gear do I need to bring?

    Riders need to be prepared for a variety of temperatures. We will encounter below zero temperatures in the desert, humidity, dry heat and temperatures over 40 degrees celcius. Riding gear that is not only protective but weather resistant is imperative. It is also recommended that you bring with you boots, gloves, googles, thermals (under gear), hiking shoes, insect repellent, full-faced helmet and of course a go-pro and camera to catch all of your experiences.

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    What tyres will i use on my own bike?

    We use michelin desert race tyres on all our bikes with michelin heavy duty tubes.

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    Is there a support vehicle?

    Our support vehicle, Iveco ML150 E28 4×4. It carries everything for the tours including all our gear, fuel, water, drinks and food. It boasts up to five fridges/freezers and is also equipped with a satellite tracker, EPIRB, UHF Radio and satellite phone. It also carries tools for any motorcycle repairs, plus a spare bike.

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    What happens to my luggage? Who carries this?

    The Iveco will carry one piece of luggage per rider. Other things like your go-pro, camera etc go in you backpack with plenty of drinking water in your camelback or equivalent.

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    What kind of Tucker (Meals) do we get?

    Mixture of fully cooked breakfast or a variety of cereals. Lunch is dependent on the tour, but it will either be at an Outback Pub or if we are off the beaten track a selection of wraps or sandwiches. Dinner is ‘under the stars’ and is prepared by Daz or crew member. It is usually a BBQ around the camp fire or a beautiful meal I’ve picked from a cook book. Meals and drinks are included, but alcoholic beverages are extra and we are happy to have it in the truck for you before the tour.

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    The majority of our tours commence and conclude in motels or pub accommodation. Once we embark on the adventure, we will be camping but rest assured our camps are comfortable and you get a hot shower every night.(Other’s don’t offer this in the desert) It’s important that you feel fresh after a great day of riding. We cover your accommodation and meals including farewell dinner on the tour dates only.

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    Other than riding

    Daryl enjoy’s his photography and we try to create enough time so you can capture your trip. The scenery is brilliant with great cultural experiences on all the tours.We bring our DJI BIRD on some tours which is great footage!

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    Rider’s per tour and ability

    We will run a maximum of eight guest riders on some tours. All our tours are designated as Adventure rides (off-road) with varying degrees of difficulty, allowing you to pick a tour that is best suited to your riding ability. Riders can experience everything from bitumen to gravel roads, single trail and deep sand tracks. If you need any further information please contact us 0n 0488 021 559

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    Travel health/accident and trip cancellation/interruption insurance is recommended.

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    Sharing with other riders

    We try for single rooms when we stay at pubs or motels. In some places, due to limited accommodation options, accommodation will be shared. When we are in the bush it’s all of us and the stars together.

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    What happens after I book a Tour?

    We will send you more information on your tour and what your bike number meant to Daz when he raced plus a few gifts. This will include all your travel details including your flights that are pre-booked on some tours.

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    What will I need to pay for while on tour?

    All accommodation and meals are included in the tour prices once the tour starts.”Travel day’s to the tours aren’t included”. You will need a flight to or from some of the starting or finishing towns. We pay for one of those regional flights on most tours. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the tour price, but we can get it for you and have it in the truck ready for the tour.

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    How much riding experience should I have?

    A valid motorcycle license for 450cc dirtbike is a must. You must be used to long distance riding with varied surfaces from loose gravel, mud, water crossings and deep sand. Remember, all of our tours are rated so a variety of experience and ability is catered for. If you haven’t raced or ridden off road regularly we recommend you taking a course or getting out every weekend to practice before the tour. You need to ensure you are picking a tour that suits your ability. We ride to enjoy the scenery and have fun! If you are unsure of your ability get in touch with us 0488 021 599

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    Can you do a custom tour?

    Yes, we can create a tour for you! Please contact us for further information.

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    Tour Grade Guide

    Daryl has created a rating to help you decide which tour best suits your ability. Our ratings range from to and are based on a combination of distance, terrain, difficulty, duration and remoteness and the weather that we will encounter on each tour.

    If you ride a lot your basic riding fitness should be good. The fitter you are the more you will enjoy the riding and the tour as a whole. Be honest to yourself regarding your technical skills for each different tour. These ratings will be a good guide for you to completely understand the requirements.

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    Biking Grade Guide

    1 Toe Rides a road bike and hasn’t done any Off-Road. Reasonable level of fitness and can concentrate on a long ride through the hills.
    2 Toes Weekend warrior that does the odd dirt road between highways every now and then gaining confidence.
    3 Toes Confident on a dirt bike with a reasonable level of fitness. Use to riding all day with your mates on gravel, sand, and single trail with the odd hill and river crossings.
    4 Toes Big riding day’s that require good technique matched to your fitness level. Tours at this level sometimes only see the support truck in the mornings and evenings. This is a single trail with deep sand and rutted tracks that require confidence and good technique. Great riding!
    5 Toes Hangingfive   Serious Adventure designed for serious riders, These are unsupported or have limited support through the day. At this level you can tackle technical single trails with very deep sand in hot and cold conditions. You require a very high level of fitness with very good technical skills on a dirt bike.

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