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Hi Daz and the Team,

The Uluru to Broome ride was simply epic!

From the time I arrived in Uluru to the very end the tour was very well planned and prepared for and the staff were exceptional.
Our first night at Uluru started with everybody arriving at camp, a few introductions, setting up and then off for some drinks and dinner.
Everybody was in true form and had many stories to tell.

The staff, Daz the lead rider and sweep, Rocket the lead rider and sweep, Scooter the wizard truck driver, Brad the mad navigator, Dave from Adeliade, Greg from Perth, Rhys from Melbourne and me from Sydney. It was a State of Origin ride with so many adventures ahead.

On day 1 we rode out to Ayres Rock for a lap and then out to the Olgas and over the WA border. That was when I snapped the first chain. Chain snapping was to become a common event on the tour with both Rocket and I snapping 2 chains each.

The camping gear was superb and after several setups everyone got better at setting up and camping. The shower set up on the Mog was a welcome friend every night after a dusty ride but what most impressed me were the sensational meals Daz cooked every night….simply 5 star. The beer fridge was never empty of cold beer.

Due to the fact that I snapped a chain and caused a bit of a delay, mind you I fixed it myself, I was delegated the fireman’s job to manage the fires. Nobody was disappointed and at times got too hot or got burnt, so I think I did a reasonable job.

Some of the highlights of the trip for me were:

The fantastic camp fires, drinks and laughs every night by the fires.

Meeting Mr William at Wiluna. Mr William is an aboriginal local from Wiluna and he came up to the camp when we set up half tanked and introduced himself. He was wearing an ACDC T-shirt with a picture of the band and he told us he was Bon Scott’s mate. But not only that he also raced motorbikes as well….we all got on like a house on fire. When we went to the pub for a beer we bumped into another friend of Mr William called Arthur. Arthur was also half tanked and he would come up to you to introduce himself and shake your hand while standing 6 inches away yelling at the top of his voice, ” Gday mate”. He did this about ten times during the night and it was great to meet him.

I remember some mornings were very cold especially riding into Carnegie Station. I remember it was dark and cold and a storm had just passed through and here we were riding around huge bog holes full of water on the road. I remember trying to see out of my dark tinted lenses at night and screaming up to a bog hole and only to see it a few metres ahead…..some interesting lines that night. At Carnegie Station we met a nice young girl Kelli who was our host and cooked us a great breakfast.

Leaving Carnegie Station while the roads were wet and greasy was another highlight. We were all fighting to stay upright while sliding everywhere at speed….sensational riding. Carnegie is 5 million acres and the mustering boys were about 250kms from base when we came across them coming in the opposite direction on the road. The team came past and the chopper pilot flew a few metres above us on the road doing a flyby….another fun moment.

Meeting Mad Mick the Ultralight pilot travelling on his own through the Canning was great. We bumped into Mick three times on the trip. We were just starting the Canning as we rounded a bend into a big open cleared area and saw Mick setting up his ultra light ready to take off…..a real adventurer and doing it all on his own.

Meeting the team at Granite Peak Station was cool. Great hospitality and we got to see some 6 week old dingo pups..Well 11 to Well 12 delivered deep sand with big berms and plenty of them. Both Rocket and I had the best 20 minute Moto at speed slamming into deep sand corners and backing it in….simply the best you can get.

Not long into the Canning we had some problems with the gearbox bolts that worked loose and required rethreading. We then embarked on a 1,000km diversion to Newman to get some repairs done. Some stints were 500 km days….sore arse days and challenging to stay in the seat. The ride from Newman to Nullagine was a big day and we rode in the dark for about 200 kms. It was so cold that I pulled up on the side of the road to light a fire and stop for a smoke. After the big day and hoping to reach Marble Bar Daz decided to stop us at Nullagine and stay in the pub….fantastic meals. The next days ride on the bitumen was tough…over 500 kms to get back on the Canning. Once back on the Canning we were welcomed back with a straight 40kms of rough and deep corragations which made big callisters on the hands.

The Canning had spectacular scenery, very remote, heaps of birds and some characters. We met two Kiwis on trailbikes decked out like super tankers on our travels. One bike was carrying around 100 litres on it. He made up some side boards and carried 20L either side…looked like a sand plough.
Then we met the mad Duchman, Bert who was riding the whole Canning on a pushbike on his own. When we came across him he was low on water so we topped him up. A seriously mad bastard that loved extreme adventures and 300% determination.

Another memorable moment was crushing my right foot on a giant termite mound which felt like hitting a freight train. After a quick stop to relieve the pain I soldiered on to finish the ride and I am glad I did.

Riding 650 kms from Wolfe Creator to Derby was another hard slog trying to endure the boredom and sore arse.

Arriving in Broome on the beach was fantastic and also sad because it was the end of the trip.

What a fantastic adventure that will be with me forever. Made some great friends and I will definitely do more adventure rides in the future.
Well done Daz and the team….you guys delivered the ride of a life time.
Fireman Sam.

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